KeSPA will eventually negotiate with Gretech

Money Matters

The key issue of Starcraft II broadcasting rights negotiation is the terms of the deal, which in turn means money.

How much money?

It is said that Blizzard put up several conditions that struck KeSPA as too much.

From what I heard, Blizzard requested:

  • fees for each game league (it is not clear whether the fee is for every season or a league or for every new league);
  • certain percentage (that is more than usual) of sponsorship, advertisement income and entrance fees;
  • KeSPA shall get a permission for each sponorship contract, selection of broadcasting and marketing plan; and
  • Blizzard will have the rights in the derivative works made in the course of game league broadcasting.

Was there a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

KeSPA argues that there was no NDA. Blizzard claims to the contrary. I would scratch my head if there were no NDA for the negotiation of such kind.

What are the Terms of the Blizzard-Gretech deal?

There has been no news on the detailed terms of the Blizzard-Gretech deal. I suppose Gretech was granted an exclusive license within Korea to make use of the rights (trademarks and copyrights) in Starcraft / Starcraft II / Warcraft III.

It is said that KeSPA started negotiation with Gretech over the rights to use Starcraft and Starcraft II for gaming league purposes in Korea.

I’m waiting for new to pop up.


One thought on “KeSPA will eventually negotiate with Gretech

  1. Hank Lee says:

    Yes, eventually the negotiation starts. / a NDA between KeSPA & Gretech for a pro-league – (in Korean)

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