[Not Law] Waiting List for Air Conditioners

After submitting to this sweltering Summer, I visited a Hi-Mart store. (electronics multi-shop)
(The Hi-Mart store I visited wasn’t anything like this at all.)

I was serious about ordering an air conditioner when I entered the shop. I had to think twice when I was told I would have to wait 10 days before an air conditioner would be installed at my house.

I have a one-week business trip scheduled from 28 July to 3 August. When I get back to Korea, it will be August. Most beaches at the East coast closes around 5 August. The end of Summer will be announced 2 days after the biz trip.

So, the question I had to answer was this. Do I need an air conditioner in August since it will be still sweltering in August? Do I not need one because the end of Summer is around the corner?

My answer: I’ll spend this Summer without an air conditioner at home. Instead, I’ll hang out at coffee shops like Min Dul Lae Young To (민들레영토) where they charge you for the time you spend there. I’m writing this post at Min Dul Lae Young To.

I love the air conditioner. Praise the inventor of the air conditioner for bringing down a discomfort index all around the world by at least 20.

~ Peace ~


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