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One of the ideas revolving around blogging platforms is an embedded music player.  A music player embedded in a blog lets visitors listen to the music from the stream it is delivering.  An instant question from a copyright-sensitive person would be, “is it legal?”  Press release from, formerly known as, seems to say, “No, unless you make a license agreement with the copyright holders or their agents.”

According to the press release, made copyright royalty agreements with SACEM (Society for the Collective Management of Copyright Royalties, France) and SESAM (Society for the Management of Digital Rights, France).  The company is said to be in talks with music labels and SPPF (Society for the Management of Independent Producers’ Rights, France).

Problems solved by these agreements.  Legally, that is.

Financially, says SACEM and succeeded in offering “Internet users a non-paying solution whilst still remunerating those involved in the creation of the music (artists, record companies, etc.) though the advertising revenues generated.  I’ve been a skeptic of operating a company with advertising revenue.  We will see whether the embedded players will keep playing.


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  1. Actually, the legality of Deezer has been challenged by Universal Music. I have written a post on my blog about it:

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