Movie Downloading in 2007

I got to hear the name ‘Movie People’s Association for the Prevention of Illegal Copy’ from a news article. According to the news, the Association sent letters to major internet portals and specialized file sharing sites and UCC companies requesting cease of copyright infringement. The number of companies that received the letters were reported to be 90, 74 of which replied and expressed their willingness to cooperate. However, only 3 of the 74 who replied immediately stopped service or took down their sites.


More than one companies stopped services or shut their websites down. Very interesting. I wonder who they are.


The news mentions the 2007 Copyright Act that requires technical measures preventing illegal copying. I have no data on how many websites or internet services have actually implemented technical measures after the new Copyright Act went into force (July 2007). The news says illegal copies of music can still be downloaded from the websites or services equipped with the technical measures.


The Association’s effort for resolving the issue by exchanging letters with the internet industry is only one facet of the picture. There have been police investigations on illegal downloading with the assistance of the internet access providers (KT, Hanaro, LG Powercom). An anonymous user of (hardware review site) was reported to be subpoenaed by police and had to pay 700,000 won fine for illegal downloading. The original post was deleted from and only copies of the post can be found on several blogs including here. No detail has been told, who requested police investigation or how many people were subpoenaed, etc. The copyright holders aren’t just sitting there with arms folded. That’s what I know now.


The law firm of Yoon Yang Kim Shin & Yu (better known as Hwa Woo in Korea) represents the Association. YYKSY is one of the top 5 law firms in Korea. The name alone delivers certain message to the internet industry.


I still don’t know who these ‘Movie People’s Association’ are. Movie people (영화인 in Korean) is a generic concept that comprises all kinds of people who are IN THE MOVIE INDUSTRY. They might be producers, directors, actors, staff, or even choreographers or artists. Who have the most stake in preventing illegal movie copies?


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