Milking it in Korea

Rethink(IP) blog told me a story about attorneys milking it, meaning trying to charge their clients more by having more office actions and replies and calling the examiners for more time than is required for minimum billing hours. Once you are sucked in, you get sucked out. It is a borderline professional ethics violation.

When a borderline professional ethics violation is committed at the legislative level, it’s called policymaking.

In Korea, patent agents (byeon-ri-sa) have limited capacity to represent clients in patent/trademark lawsuits against the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) as defendant for rejecting patent/trademark application. KIPO is trying hard to expand the legal capacity of Korean patent agents to patent/trademark infringement cases. The biggest opposers to the Byeon-ri-sa Act Amendment Bill are lawmakers who are lawyers.

Intellectual property law has been neglected by Korean attorneys so far, but they have started paying attention to it because one lawsuit in intellectual property may give birth to more than one related lawsuits. It’s up to you how you term it, ‘milking it’ or ‘one stone three birds.’


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