Teacher’s face in the movie Old Boy

Several days ago, I read a news article about a elementary school teacher whose face appeared in the movie, Oldboy. Related News Article. If you search IMDB for ‘Oldboy,’ you will get two results. One is 2003 Korean movie by Chan-wook Park and the other is the remake of the original movie by Hollywood reported to be released in 2006.

The movie storyline includes sister and brother engaging in incest. I won’t explain the story further because I don’t want to spoil the fun for the viewers of the 2006 movie.

There is a scene in the movie where a high school graduate album was seen within which the plaintiff elementary school teacher’s face is shown. The circumstances under which the album was shown has an inclination to shed false light on the elementary school teacher’s sexual morals or ethics.

She (the elementary school teacher) is reported to have protested the use of the album but the movie producer didn’t do anything about that. So, she and the movie producer will meet in the court.

I will post a rather naive comparative analysis of the case in the light of the US law and Korean law sooner than later.

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